A magical tale of a community brought together in the face of adversity by one little girl’s generosity.

The most magical things can happen even on the rainiest of days...
How many people can you fit under one umbrella? It wasn’t even meant to rain the day the blue umbrella turned up, but for the people who used it that day, they found something more than just shelter: something truly amazing had happened. A community had come together, bound by kindness and friendship.


Emily Ann Davison worked with young children for many years before she finally fulfilled her childhood dream and began writing. When she isn’t writing picture books, she can be found tinkling on the piano or at her local primary school, where she helps with reading. Emily lives in Kent, UK, with her daughter and husband.

Momoko Abe is a self-taught illustrator based in London. She grew up in Japan, and moved to the UK to study filmmaking. She still works in the TV and film industry, whilst pursuing her passion for children’s books. Momoko was shortlisted for the World Illustration Award in 2019.


A warm message lightly told and beautifully illustrated


This book is heart-warming—like a good soup at the beginning of winter. There’s a sense of magic among the ordinary as readers follow the young protagonist through a surprise downpour. How did the umbrella know exactly when it would be needed? The pacing of the text is swift and well-crafted, complementing the sprawling nature of the illustrations. Abe’s work is colourful and expert in its simplicity—parents will enjoy noticing the movement and facial expressions of the background characters on each page. The diversity of the characters is a joy to see. As the blue umbrella stretches beyond its original shape towards the closing scene, readers are reminded of the power of community and a welcoming spirit. One to pull out on a rainy day, or any day you need to remember the good in the world.

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