Jonathan is the only half angel and half demon in the world. Having discovered his heritage, he must now continue the battle against the demonic forces that are hellbent on ruling creation. The Archdemon Baal is one such monster, and he holds Jonathan's parents captive.
But to succeed, Baal needs the wings of an Archangel. Jonathan and his great-aunt Sammael are the only two such angels left, but they aren't going to give up their wings without a fight. Jonathan will not rest until his family is safe once again, even if he must go through heaven and hell to save them.


Hilton Pashley lives in Norfolk. When he’s not working or writing, he flies large kites and drinks enormous amounts of tea.


Highly visual and brimming with tension, this is a high-concept, high-stake epic

Joanne Owen, Lovereading

The worlds created by Hilton Pashley are wonderfully imagined and the characters well rounded, using humour throughout to show that people are not all good or evil, most live happily in-between.

The School Librarian

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