An evocative and beautiful bedtime book that distils the essence of summer at the bach; creaky old bed, sandy feet, waves hush-hushing and a shell under the pillow.

This simple poem by internationally renowned Joy Cowley transports the reader instantly to a childhood summer.

Summer holidays by the sea have a rhythm all their own. With a few well chosen images Cowley takes us straight to the end of a long hot day, with beach treasures under the pillow, the sound of the waves and the salty smell of the sea.

Hilary Jean Tapper’s warm watercolour and ink illustrations bring to vivid life a quintessential experience in every childhood.

This title is a special New Zealand edition using the original poem title At the Bach. The international edition is published as Good Night, Good Beach.

"An ideal bedtime story, where every word counts." The Source, Magpies

“One you will read so often, you’ll know it off by heart and your kids will start joining in.” The Sapling


An ideal bedtime story, where every word counts.

The Source, Magpies

Adults will enjoy this one just as much as the kids… At the Bach is one of those books that will open up the chance to have a natter with your kids about holidays they have loved, what the beach means to them and dream a little about staying in a bach just like the one on its pages. This is another beautiful addition to the stack of books that Joy has created over the years and it is one that, I think, will be a cherished favourite….

The Sapling

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