Historical fiction for middle grade readers at its compelling, shocking, fascinating best.

Nic is left in the care of her grandfather at the remote family property that was once her mother’s childhood home; a place with 30 rooms, three dogs and no mobile reception. Left to her own devices, Nic searches for clues about her mother – who died the day Nic was born. But what Nic discovers is so much more than she could have imagined. A dark and shocking secret that haunts the land and the people who live there.


Carole Wilkinson writes both fiction and non-fiction and her stories are loved by young people all over the world. Carole embarked on her writing career at the age of 40 and she has been making up for lost time ever since. Her multi- award-winning and bestselling book Dragonkeeper series is loved around the world. Her latest book, Ten Pound Pom, is part of the award-winning Our Stories series.


Wilkinson has a gift for historical narrative and her ability to weave the past with the present results in an astonishing book that deserves attention.

Kids' Book Review

Well written by Carole Wilkinson. She handles the time travel very well and prevents confusion with short chapters and hooks that carry the reader on. All high school and young adult readers in Australia in particular should confront themselves with this novel. An enjoyable but harrowing read.

Bobs Books Blog

A very enjoyable book has lots of opportunities to study Australia’s early history. The detail included by the author about sourcing evidence and primary sources for historical study will also prove valuable in schools.


This is a fantastic look at Australian history, something that Carole does incredibly well. The setting is real, the past is confronting, and the character’s problems are heartfelt.

Lamont Books

It has mystery, drama and humour but doesn’t flinch from difficult issues.

Magpies Magazine

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