A captivating, spooky mystery for middle-grade readers from acclaimed author Allison Rushby.

Do naught wrong by the mulberry tree, or she’ll take your daughters … one, two, three.

Ten-year-old Immy and her family run away from their storm cloud of problems to a tiny village in Cambridgeshire, England. When they find an adorable thatched cottage to begin a perfect new life in, the only downside is the ancient, dark and fierce-looking mulberry tree in the back garden. And the legend that comes with it – the villagers say the tree steals away girls living in the cottage on the eve of their eleventh birthday. Of course, Immy thinks this is ridiculous. Then she starts to hear a strange song in her head …

Allison Rushby’s new novel for middle-grade readers is a captivating, spooky mystery.


Allison Rushby, the daughter of an author, was raised on a wholesome diet of classic English literature. She adores cities with long, winding histories, wild, overgrown cemeteries, red-brick Victorian museums, foxes and ivy. She likes to write with a cup of Darjeeling tea by her side and a Devon Rex cat called Claudia curled up in her lap. Her first book with Walker was The Turnkey (2016).


Rushby’s words have an enigmatic way of drawing you in, simultaneously caressing your emotions whilst firing them up. This oddly captivating tale sparkles with elements of surrealism, history and esoteric magic.

Boomerang Books

The Mulberry Tree is another brilliant novel by Alison Rushby, a master of the mysterious and unexplained and author of the award-winning The Turnkey.

Kids' Book Review

I really, really liked this book… I was intrigued all the way

Middle Grade Mavens Podcast

Staff pick! Meg loved this intriguing and atmospheric new novel by Alllison Rushby. The Mulberry Tree is perfect for 9-12 year olds who like their books just a little bit creepy.

Hill of Content

The Mulberry Tree is a delightful and inspiring tale with such a beautiful undelaying meaning to it that I clutched the book to my chest with a massive smile on my face!

Blue Fairy Tales

If the ending is slightly too convenient, Rushby has still successfully managed to balance the telling of a compelling but not-too-creepy tale, which will ensure both upper primary and lower secondary school readers will love this page-turning mystery.

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WAYRBA, Younger Readers
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