Short and Scary

A whole lot of creepy stories and other chilling stuff

Editor: Karen Tayleur

Illustrator: Various

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 10+

General Fiction

An anthology of creepy and scary stories from some of Australia's much-loved creators.

Inside you'll meet Carole Wilkinson, Shaun Tan, James Roy, Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton, James Moloney, Sally Rippin, Lili Wilkinson, Susanne Gervay, Michael Panckridge, Sally Odgers, Meredith Costain, Barry Jonsberg, Janeen Brian, Sue Lawson, Bernadette Kelly, Chris Miles, George Ivanoff and many more. Edited by Karen Tayleur.


Karen Tayleur lives in the hills of the Dandenong Ranges with her husband and two kids who always leave their homework to the last minute. As well as being expert at year seven German and Chinese and holding down a four-day-a-week job, she is a writer. Her kids have helped her tap back into school-age politics; back to a time when there was always a Rose Thornton ready to rain on everybody's parade. When there was always a school bully, a cranky neighbour and an annoying sibling to contend with. As a child, Karen was a constant audience for her father's boyhood recollections. His stories have grown larger than life over the years. She's not saying he is a liar. But he has been known to bend the truth.


This is an eclectic anthology. Some of the choices are interesting, they are certainly diverse, and some are excellent. It is hard to maintain that level of excellence across the whole collection, and of, course, some just didn’t grab me in a way that other readers may find the stories do. That one of the difficulties, and joys, of putting together an anthology. I recommend it to you. There is certainly something in it for all fans of Spec Fic.


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