The Un-history of the Undead

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Black Dog Books

Age 12+

Children's & Young Adult: General Non-Fiction Folklore, Myths & Legends

Vampires are always simmering in popular culture - this is their story.

Meet the first film vampire, Count Orlock, who would influence Bela Lugosi's Dracula and so many others. Find out about the novel that inspired the scariest TV show of all time. Encounter Anne Rice's rock-star vampire. Cross paths with the vamp who nearly destroyed Spider-Man. And discover the dream of a sparkly vamp that would inspire the publishing phenomenon of Twilight. Come and meet Edward's ancestors - Bella might have fallen for one vamp, but there are many others out there.


Tony Thompson is not a vampire, although he has been known to occasionally look intense and brooding. He is an old friend of William Shakespeare, and possibly shared a flat with him in a previous life. When he is not writing the ultimate unauthorised celebrity biography, Tony is an English and Literature teacher. His writing has appeared in The Age and The Australian.

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