Moving the Millers' Minnie Moore Mine Mansion: A True Story

Illustrator: Júlia Sardà

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 4+

Picture Storybooks

Author Dave Eggers and artist Júlia Sardà spin a quirky historical event into a whimsical and tall-ish true tale of ingenuity.

It all started when John “Minnie” Moore built a mine in Idaho and sold it to Englishman Henry Miller. Then Henry married a local lass named Annie and built her a mansion. After Henry died and Annie was hoodwinked – losing all but the mansion – she and her son took to raising pigs, as some are wont to do. But the town wanted those pigs out. Who could have guessed that Annie would remove the whole mansion instead – rolling it away slowly on logs – while she and her son were still living in it?

Narrated with metafictional flair, make way for history as only Dave Eggers could stage it.


Dave Eggers is the author of numerous books. Those for adults include What Is the What, Zeitoun and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, among others. His books for young readers include Her Right Foot and What Can a Citizen Do?, both illustrated by Shawn Harris; Abner and Ian Get Right-Side Up, illustrated by Laura Park; Tomorrow Most Likely, illustrated by Lane Smith; and the middle-grade novel The Lifters, among others. He is the founder of 826 National, a network of youth writing and tutoring centres around the United States, as well as numerous other foundations and organizations centered on education, human rights, and arts and activism. Dave Eggers lives in Northern California, USA.

Júlia Sardà is a Spanish artist and the author-illustrator of The Queen in the Cave, as well as the illustrator of Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey, The Liszts by Kyo Maclear, The Wolf's Secret by Nicolas Digard and Myriam Dahman, and a number of classics, including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Júlia Sardà lives in Barcelona. Find her on Instagram as @juliasardaportabella.


Witty and wonderfully illustrated […] It’s delightful for two reasons: Eggers’s wry narration and the mischievous illustration by Júlia Sardà.

The Times

Let’s face it: the true story of a pig-farming widow, who decides to roll her entire timber-frame house a few miles down the road in pioneer-era Idaho, is a completely bonkers subject for a children’s book. It works brilliantly, thanks to the mischief of Dave Eggers’ commentary and the maverick artwork by Júlia Sardà. Fantastic.”

Children’s books of the year 2023, The Sunday Times

Fascinating in the extreme, and told with such wit, humour and flair, this is a wonderful work of non-fiction which will engage young and older readers alike! […] A stunner of a book.

Mini Travellers Blog

Slightly bizarre, this would make an entertaining read aloud.

Red Reading Hub

This delightfully quirky but true tale unveils a fascinating chapter of history with a touch of humour and resourcefulness […] Eggers’ witty narrative, lots of tongue-in-cheek repeating lines, and narrative intrusion to make us smile and lighten the tone, alongside Sardà’s masterful illustrations make this book a gem for readers of all ages. Children and adults alike will be charmed by the resourceful protagonist, Annie Miller, and her daring plan to save her beloved home. Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore Mine Mansion is a heartwarming and entertaining read that leaves a lasting impression.

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