An enchanting new story from the creator of Ella’s Night Lights and Lily, the Pond Mermaid about facing change, learning to voice difficult emotions and taking a leap into the unknown.

Oak is a mythical little leaf girl who lives with her leaf parents on the branch of an ancient oak tree. She loves nothing more than exploring and playing with the creatures and insects of her tree world. But as the weather shifts and the slow season begins, Oak realizes that she and her family must leave the tree. It is time for them to float down to the ground where they can nestle into their winter acorn home, and see out the cold until spring returns once more. But Oak refuses to move - she doesn't understand why they have to go and she's afraid of what's next. Why does change feel so hard?


Lucy Fleming has been an avid doodler and bookworm since early childhood, and graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first-class honours degree in Illustration. She is the author-illustrator of Ella’s Night Lights and Lily, the Pond Mermaid and has illustrated a number of books including Small Person’s Guide to Grandmas, written by Jane Clarke, and River Rose and the Magical Christmas, written by singer Kelly Clarkson. Originally from Warwickshire, she now lives and works in Cheshire. Find her online at and on Twitter and Instagram as @IllustrateLucy, where she has 221,000 followers.

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