A hilariously funny, read-aloud story with cut-through reveals, from an internationally celebrated author-illustrator.
Once there was a mysterious thing. Nobody knew how it got there, it just was. “It’s mine, all MINE!” say Mouse, Frog, Fox and Bear. But is it a piece of fruit, a wheel, a ball, a chair or something else altogether? And who will get to keep it in the end?


Emma Yarlett is an award-winning author-illustrator based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Her first book for Walker was Dragon Post, followed by Beast Feast, both of which achieved global success and numerous awards, and a third book in this series, Santa Post. Her book series Nibbles has sold over half a million books, and her other picture books include Orion and the Dark and Sidney Stella and the Moon.


Ila loved peering through the holes in each page and each time we’ve read it we’ve notice something new in the illustrations which has sparked even more intrigue and discussion. Thank you so much for another lovely, lovely book.

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