Chico Bon Bon and Clark are having the most unusual school day. Half the library books are missing, the taco shells for Taco Day are nowhere to be found, and someone (or something!) has chewed up the classroom map--all the way to Canada! Chico Bon Bon is on the case to find the culprit with his trusty tool belt and eclectic cohort of friends.


Chris Monroe's humor and intricate illustrations draw high praise from reviewers and bloggers alike. Chris is also the author and illustrator of Totally Uncool and the comic strip Violet Days, which has been in print for more than 20 years. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota.


Monroe’s illustrations are as delightful to pore over as usual, with changes of perspective and lots of quirky details, especially in the scene in which the mystery is finally revealed. This is one detective/Mr. Fix It that readers will love to apprentice to.

Kirkus Reviews

In the latest in a string of entertaining adventures, the intrepid and well-equipped monkey Chico Bon Bon comes to the rescue when someone — or something — makes off with half of the books in the school library. And then the world map is chewed. And the students’ show-and-tell items are gnawed. It’s madcap silliness, and as with all of Chris Monroe’s lively and witty books, the best fun is in the details — the funny tools that Chico carries (a smencil saw, a squickle, a staple kitten and a marker mitten), the frenetic full-page views, and the occasional lapses into rhyme.

Star Tribune

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