They say they always know you’re up to something when the house goes quiet…

Exploring his mother’s bedroom, a little boy discovers THE LIPSTICK. It begins on his lips, where it looks very good – MWAH! But then it goes for a little walk … squiggle, squiggle … on the mirror … scribble scribble … on the shiny floorboards … smudge smudge. And even on the fluffy cat. Uh-oh! What will happen when Mum, Dad and big sister see all this mess? From the team behind Angry Cookie comes a hilarious and joyous story all about artistic expression, self-confidence and supportive, accepting parenting.


Laura Dockrill, a graduate of the Brit School of Performing Arts, is a performance poet, an author and an illustrator. At the age of twenty-two, she was named one of The Times’ "Top Ten Literary Stars". She is the author of the bestselling Darcy Burdock series and Lorali. Her adult book What Have I Done is an honest memoir about suffering post-natal mental illness. Her debut picture book, and first collaboration with Maria Karipidou, was Angry Cookie. Find her online at and on Twitter and Instagram as @LauraDockrill.

Maria Karipidou studied Communication Design, and has since illustrated a number of children's books, working mostly with French and German publishing houses. In 2015, she received the Leipziger Lesekompass Award at the Leipzig Book Fair. Her first picture book with Laura Dockrill was Angry Cookie. She currently lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. Find her online at and on Instagram as @marias_illustrations.


The witty illustrations of Maria Karipidou will also raise a laugh in Laura Dockrill’s The Lipstick, about an unsupervised toddler doodling with hot-pink lipstick all over the house (“I took the lipstick for a little walk…”). It’s hard not to share the toddler’s thrill as the forbidden squiggles multiply.

The Observer (The New Review)

a hilarious naughty-and-nice adventure in which a cheeky little boy liberates his mother’s favourite lipstick and goes on a rampage, covering walls, furniture and even the cat – not to mention his own beaming smile

The Guardian

Fantastic book to read and I would recommend it to others. It made me and my daughter both laugh and is a very happy book as I’m sure lots of mums and dad’s with young children can relate to this story.


This is certainly the most outstanding book that my 10-months-old tot has laid eyes on, as of today. We love every single doodle, scribbling and splotch. And there are plenty of them, meticulously drawn on every one of the 40 pages’ pad of a boy with an exuberant imagination. Author & illustrator are a brilliant well-oiled machine here.


Lovely read! The class got really into this and with hands up ‘he’s going to get into trouble’ ‘uh oh’ lots of fun interaction and morals! Great read and lively illustrations.



James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award
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