Watch out! Hold onto your tails! The bunnies are back. And this time they're in ... a BOAT!

The bunnies are back! And this time, they've commandeered a BOAT! Watch out, Sunnytown beach, the Bunnies are dashing and a-splashing on a speedboat frenzy. They whoosh past the sail-boats, and zoooom across the sand, then it's up on to the jetty where silly billy Bunnies get all covered in spaghetti! But watch out, oh no, where are the bunnies off to now? To the airport, across the tarmac ... it's bunnies on the PLANE. Here we go again...


Philip Ardagh is a prolific writer who has been published in over 40 languages around the world. His titles include the bestselling Eddie Dickens trilogy, the Stick and Fetch series and Bunnies on the Bus illustrated by Ben Mantle. He has also collaborated with illustrator Elissa Elwick on the Little Adventurers trilogy of picture books and You Can't Count on Dinosaurs. He stands two metres tall with a most impressive beard. Find him on Twitter and Instagram as @PhilipArdagh.

Ben Mantle is the illustrator of Follow the Track All the Way Back by Timothy Knapman, and Kiss the Crocodile by Sean Taylor, and is also the author/illustrator of Frog vs Toad. Find him online at and on Twitter and Instagram as @BenMMantle.


A hilarious romp of a book with fantastic read-aloud rhyming text and joyful illustrations.

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