Mary Seacole: Bound for the Battlefield

Illustrator: Richie Pope

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Walker Books

Age 8+

True Stories People & Places

The true story of Mary Seacole, the "Celebrated Heroine of the Crimean War".
Over two hundred years ago in Kingston, Jamaica, a little girl called Mary watched as her mother selected a bottle of medicine for a sick British soldier. This marked the beginning of Mary Seacole's passion for nursing, which would go on to shape the rest of her life. As a young woman, she would have to overcome personal tragedy – the sudden loss of her mother and husband – and prejudice from her peers to reach the battlefields of the Crimean War, nursing soldiers back to health and even carrying them from the midst of the fighting.

With words by Susan Goldman Rubin and lively illustrations by Richie Pope, this is the true story of the "Celebrated Heroine of the Crimean War".


Susan Goldman Rubin has written a number of award-winning biographies for children. Her subjects have included a number of artists, such as Diego Rivera, Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gough. She lives in California; visit her at her website:
Richie Pope is an illustrator and cartoonist. He has provided work for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Google, TIME magazine, The Washington Post and many more – his work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and Spectrum. This is his first book for Walker. He lives in Texas; visit him at his website: