A heart-rending story about an unusual mother-daughter relationship — and a shocking family secret.

From Montpelier, Vermont, across the country to Venice, California, Nina Lewis and her mother Joyce are always on the move. They own nothing that can't fit in the back of a van, and they never stay very long in any one place. Home is wherever they are, as long as they're together. But as Nina begins to yearn for a settled life and lasting friendships, Joyce begins to move at a more and more frantic pace. Will Nina ever get the stability she craves? Or will Joyce's compulsion to keep moving cause both their lives to spiral out of control? With finely drawn characters and a frank, compelling narrative voice, Amy Ehrlich weaves a complex story about an unusual mother-daughter relationship — a story that explodes in a final, heartbreaking climax.


Amy Ehrlich is the highly regarded author of numerous books for children and the editor of the award-winning collections When I was Your Age: Original Stories About Growing Up Volumes I & II. She wrote Joyride after moving from New York City to Vermont.

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