October Book Reviews

“I really liked it because it was funny and adventurous. And I like adventures because it lets your imagination run wild.”

Bravest Word

“If you like a book that really digs into your emotions, this is the book for you… It is a very heartwarming and powerful book. I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves a sad story. Just be warned, it may start the tears rolling.”

“Do you like books that make you think about big emotional topics? Then The Bravest Word by Kate Foster could be a great book for you… I really enjoyed the journey the boy goes on learning about himself and his new dog.”

“ You know how you can save an abandoned dog by adopting it. But did you know that dog has a way of saving you? If you think that there is no way a dog can save you, then let me prove you wrong with The Bravest Word by Kate Foster… I think this story is very heartwarming and for any people that like animals and want to have a feeling where they can stand up to anyone or anything. Something that you will learn in this book is to have the courage to stand up to anything no matter how hard it may seem. I would personally rate it a 5 stars and for anyone 9 years old and up. So what are you doing just sitting there? Get reading!”

“I really love this book and it puts you in Matt’s shoes. The book is told from the heart and is beautiful and heartfelt. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars and I think you will really enjoy this book too.”

Reviews by Molly, Hamish, Giorgia and Clarissa

Diary of an Accidental Witch

“I really liked it because it was funny and adventurous. And I like adventures because it lets your imagination run wild.”

“This is a funny and relatable book with all the emotions and embarrassments of a new town and school. It is written in the format of a diary and the entries are short so you don’t get bored reading for ages at a time. I really liked how the different words in the book had different fonts which really helped capture the witchy stuff and the normal stuff. I love the illustrations because they really portray the character’s feelings and the illustrations themselves are really cute and unique… It is a book that everyone can enjoy because it is quite an easy read. If you enjoy stories about finding friendships in unlikely places and of course, magic, then this is the book for you.”

“I think that this book is great for readers of all ages, and I rate it 4. 5 out of 5 stars. This book made me feel like anything is possible.”

Reviews by Caitlin, Harriet and George