August Book Reviews

“This book made me feel I was right there in the action, that I was a real detective. I enjoyed the book so much that when I read it before bed I had dreams about it.”

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker

“In this book you, the reader, have to solve a mystery. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. You are a detective and together with your boss Klaus the Yeti you have to find the missing monster maker. Usually books only have one storyline but this one has more than one and you get to choose which one you take. You might go to school for the unusually gifted or a mad scientist lab or a creepy pizzeria. This book made me feel I was right there in the action, that I was a real detective.
I enjoyed the book so much that when I read it before bed I had dreams about it. One morning, I woke up sad because I thought I was in my detective’s office from the book. It felt so real. If you like mystery, fun-loving animals, and magic societies, then Solve Your Own Mystery, The Monster Maker, is the book for you.”

“I really enjoyed this book and the characters… Some of the characters are a bit scary to me, like the goblins the zombie clan and the vampires. I felt really mad at Klaus because he said I had to be his assistant. I didn’t want to be his assistant! I also felt like the book was speaking to me and was telling me what to do. I liked how there was a case file at the back of this book. I really had the feeling that the book was talking to me.”

“Can a Yeti and a human work together to solve a mystery? In Solve Your Own Mystery: The Monster Maker by Gareth P. Jones, you team up with a Yeti, Klaus Solstagg, to find the missing monster maker. In the mythical shady side of town, you encounter witches, vampires, and more creatures. This is a mystery slash choose your own adventure blend that I would recommend for eight to nine year olds… I like the complicated plot and how you could go back to different stages of the books…”

Reviews by Maeve, Haley and Toby


“Do you love a book about fantasy, but mystery as well? Well, If so, then this is the perfect book for you! Malamander, an Eerie-on-Sea mystery, written by Thomas Taylor… I felt as though this book always drew me back in and I always wanted to read it because it was so interesting. Every chapter, you hear about new twists and turns. I also learned from this book that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover because often, looks can be deceiving.”

Malamander by Thomas Taylor is an amazing mystery book. Herbie Lemon, despite being 12, has a peculiar job at the Grand Nautilus Hotel as the lost-and-founder, where he finds lost things and returns them to their owners. Violet is trying to find her parents with the help of Herbie Lemon. The mystery gets a whole lot deeper when the Malamander, a fish-like beast, gets involved. I loved the plot, it had very extraordinary twists. The Malamander was described so well, I could picture it in my mind vividly. The book is such a page-turner, I couldn’t stop reading!”

“Have you ever wanted to know what secrets are hiding at Eerie-on-Sea or what surprises are waiting there? Then this book, Malamander, is for you. Malamander is the story of a boy called Herbie Lemon and his new friend Violet Parma and the strange revelations and adventures that they experience. This book kept me engaged and wanting to keep turning the pages… If you like fantasy and adventure then you should go and read this Eerie-on-Sea adventure, Malamander, today.”

Reviews by Molly, Ziyad, and Annabelle