April Book Reviews

“You can take turns reading facts and laughing out loud with your family.”


“I like that the story is similar to what happens in reality and that you can actually use the situations in the book to transfer to your own life.”

“It’s a magnificent book because it deals with the kinds of things that other books don’t – in a good way!”

“The book has the ultimate message of ‘even though people around you are changing, it’s okay to be yourself’.”

“If you like books that discover what it’s like to grow up, books about friendships, and if you like graphic novels, Click is the book for you.”

Reviews by Harriet, Maeve, Victoria and Baxter

Animal FACTopia!

“You can take turns reading facts and laughing out loud with your family – AH! SHARK!  Next time you see a shark, just play some heavy metal music. Believe it or not, sharks like the sound of heavy metal music playing.”

“The pictures make it unique and engaging and I would recommend it to kids who like lots of facts and trivia.”

“Have you ever been at the dinner table with nothing to say? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in an extremely boring conversation, then this is the book for you!”

“Each fun fact connects to the next one, from world egg eating championships to dogs eating 14 thousand dollars’ worth of diamonds – don’t even ask! And the goods news for those that love this book is that there are more in the series. So, if you’re older or younger and feeling like a little something that’s different, you should definitely get this book – FACTopia.”

Reviews by Anna, Esha, Chloe and Heidi