Did you know that there are roughly 400,000 different species of beetles?

These incredible creatures make up about 25% of all animals on our planet! Beetles are superbly adapted to life in various climates across the world, wherever trees and flowers are found. From the mighty Goliath beetle to the beautiful iridescent jewel beetle, this captivating and stunningly illustrated guide will teach you everything you need to know about these fascinating insects.


Owen Davey is a freelance illustrator, living and working out of Leicester, UK. He graduated with a First Class Degree in Illustration from Falmouth University and his work has since been published in every continent except Antarctica, including picture books in UK, America, Australia, Germany, France, Portugal, China & Korea. He has also worked for some impressive clients including the New York Times, Microsoft and Orange.


The illustrations are unique, colourful and the information is short and fascinating.Much better than a web page and easier to read. For primary intermediate and junior secondary students.

Bobs Books Blog

Every non-fiction collection should have some of Owen Davey’s work.

Trevor Cairney Blog

Flying Eye Books consistently produce clever and beautiful books. Bonkers About Beetles has their trademark matte pages, textured cover, and awesome content. The kind of book you could get lost in for hours. A big win in our household.

The Golden Adventures

Bonkers About Beetles is the ideal early reference book for insect-interested children.

Blog of Dad

I loved the graphic design of this one – the whole book is illustrated with this beautiful style with bold colours, interspersed with facts and information about each of the beetles.

Butterfly Elephant Blog

Bonkers about Beetles is engaging, informative, beautifully illustrated and now one of my favourite children’s natural history books!

Children's Books Daily

What a wonderful encyclopaedic book about beetles, I read it from cover to cover, loving every piece of information given, observing the pictures with glee, scanning the layout and clear design features with admiration.


This one has been on our kitchen table for weeks now and much adored. It’s just stunning and is jam packed with useful information for young beetle enthusiasts.

Children's Books Daily

Beautiful graphic illustrations make for a chic read, a gorgeous addition to your little book collection

The Little Book Collector

This is non-fiction picture book writing at its finest and would make an unique, memorable gift.

Boomerang Books

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