A first information book, illustrated with beautiful close-ups of the animals featured, the book ends with a sleeping child and a question – do animals dream?

How do animals sleep? Some alone, some in packs, some upside-down, some in the daytime... Kate Prendergast takes a close look at the sleeping habits of a wide range of animals, birds and fish. Includes meerkats, bats, horses and dogs -and who knew that fish slept with their eyes open?


Kate Prendergast did a Fine Art degree then worked for many years in heavy machinery plant hire, before rediscovering her love for art once her children had left home. Following an MA in Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, Kate's first, wordless, picture book, Dog on a Train, was published by Old Barn Books in 2015. Sleepis her third title and shows a radically different, colour, artwork style.

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