First Big Book of How

HOW do polar bears keep warm? HOW do keys open locks? HOW do spacesuits work? The ultimate book of answers for kids who need to know HOW!

Illustrator: Kate Slater

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: What on Earth Books

Age 5+

General Knowledge & Trivia Science & Technology: General Interest

A compendious and stunningly illustrated fact-filled book for children who have endless questions about how the world works.

How do scientists see into space? How do we know what the dinosaurs looked like? How do chameleons change colour? How do bugs walk on walls? How do bones grow? How do keys open locks? Featuring compelling questions about space, Earth, machines, vehicles, buildings, animals and the human body, this magnificent book provides answers for every inquisitive child. By encouraging children to question how things are happening in the world around us, First Big Book of How Things Work supports STEAM learning and nurtures curious minds. With stunning photography and gorgeous original illustrations by Kate Slater, including a host of helpful and friendly diagrams, this is the ultimate gift for kids who need to know everything – and now!


Sally Symes worked for many years as a designer of children’s books before turning her skills to writing them. Her collaborations with Nick Sharratt have won several awards, including The Educational Writers’ Award for The Gooey, Chewy, Rumble, Plop and she is the author of the bestselling Britannica First Big Book of Why. She works from a shed in Sussex, accompanied by her grumpy cat.

Kate Slater grew up on a beautiful farm in deepest Staffordshire, and studied illustration at Kingston University. Her children’s books include: Britannica First Big Book of Why, A is for Ant, The Birthday Crown, The Little Red Hen, ABC London, Magpie’s Treasure, Make Your Own Birds of Prey and Make Your Own Flying Machines. Alongside work for publishing, editorial and advertising, she has created several large-scale installations and window displays.

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