The Last Zoo

Binding: Paperback

Imprint: Andersen Press

Age 10+

Animal Stories Fantasy & Magical Realism Adventure Stories

Pia lives in a zoo in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with her parents (both ghosts), several old and cranky genies, a devil, and two young angels. She spends her days trimming genie-beards, trying to avoid being tricked into selling her soul, and waiting for the angels to make a miracle big enough to save the world.
Then the angels go missing. Can she solve the riddles of the mysterious haloes the angels have left behind? Is the zoo’s devil really trying to help her? And what does this all have to do with her best friends, the Rekkers? Pia needs to solve the mystery fast, because everything around her seems to be ending: her friendships, her childhood, and maybe even the world itself.


Sam Gayton lives in Margate. In 2009 he completed the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa University and not long after published his first book, The Snow Merchant. He loves American novels, Italian food and the English countryside. When he's not writing, he likes playing old board games, strumming his guitar and joining as many rock bands as possible (currently at seven).


Gayton conjures worlds far beyond your imagination and characters that grab you by the hand and pull you with them, headlong into adventure

An enchanting read

An incredible fantasy fiction book full of humour.

The Sun

Poignant, strange, and featuring an extraordinary cast of creatures, from Smellephants to Faberge chickens, Gayton’s latest novel is his most moving and ambitious yet

The Guardian

Funny and fantastical, this unusual and imaginative adventure will sweep you away with Pia on a magical quest to save the world.

The Week Junior

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