In this slapstick, illustrated crime adventure, the honest Theo Pincher who doesn’t fit in to his family of criminals finds a clever way to save the family dog, Sherlock, from the nasty new police officer.

The town’s new police officer Clive is not nice—even the other police are afraid of him. Everything, even the dog, must have a receipt to prove there’s no stealing going on. Things without receipts are locked up.

Of course, Theo’s family don’t have a receipt for anything, especially not their dog Sherlock.

When Sherlock is caught, Theo makes a plan to get him back using cooking oil, a dog onesie and cunning—a plan so good that it reveals Clive’s true identity and gives him the comeuppance he deserves. Even Theo’s family are impressed.

This criminally funny tale contains a break-in at the candy store, an interrogation and a super-smart plan—with comical commentary from the dog, who thinks his name is Shuddup Sherlock.


Anders Sparring writes children’s books and is a screenwriter for many popular television shows. He is also a stand-up comedian.

Per Gustavsson is an illustrator and author living in Stockholm, Sweden. His bestselling books are translated to several languages.

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