Each page turn of this novelty board book lifts the covers higher—good night toes, little knees, belly button, nose—until the baby is tucked up fast asleep under the book-blanket.

Baby is ready to sleep so it’s time to say good night—all the way from toes to nose!

With each new blanket-page longer than the previous one, the cozy check blanket gradually covers the baby’s whole body. One by one, baby and parents together say good night to little feet, little calves, little knees... And what about you, little eyes—are you ready to close?

Then the light clicks off and everyone’s fast asleep. Good night, baby!

Good Night, Belly Button is an affectionate and original bedtime ritual to lull any baby to sleep.


Lucie Brunellière is a graphic artist and illustrator who has created numerous books for children. She studied applied arts in Angoulême, visual communication in Paris, and at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts.

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