In this atmospheric picture book, a rainy day indoors turns into a fantastical journey to dragonland when Fred the elegant dragon arrives in need of a bathroom.

What’s more perfect than a day on the sofa while the rain patters on the windows?

I’m just settling down with books, cocoa and my long-haired dachshund, when the doorbell rings. It’s Fred the dragon, hoping to use the bathroom. There’s nowhere suitable for a fastidious dragon. After rejecting all the usual places, Fred sweeps us off through the storm to a magical world of floating pagoda bathrooms.

Every beguiling detail in these illustrations evokes the snuggle of a cozy rainy day in a funny story that addresses the very necessary question of where dragons go when they need to go.


Julie Völk is a celebrated illustrator from Vienna, Austria, who studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and has illustrated many award-winning picture books. In 2018, she was named an IBBY Honored Illustrator.

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