Hold your breath, make the choice, and step into Fern’s School for Wayward Fae—where students are part human and part magical. A girl with peculiar abilities discovers nothing is what it seems when sinister forces causes one of her classmates to go missing. Perfect for fans of Wednesday.

A girl who know how you die. Her banshee roommate who knows when it happens. And wishes that sometimes, maybe come true …

Rosemary Thorpe has aways been a bit different. She has the uncanny and unfortunate ability to foresee people’s deaths, which tend to land her in hot water. Well, not actual hot water – where it lands her is a place between worlds called Fern’s School for Wayward Fae, where Rosemary learns that hear powers come from being part fae.
At Fern’s school, Rosemary meets other who are part fae – including Trym, her banshee roommate whose screams can kill, and Essie, a djinn who grants wishes. But just as Rosemary settles, in, a student vanishes in thin air. And it’s up to all the kids to use their curious gifts to find their missing friend …


Piper CJ, writing as Fern Forgettable, is the author of the bestselling fantasy series The Night and Its Moon, is a photographer, hobby linguist, and french-fry enthusiast. She has an M.A. in Folklore, and a B.A. in broadcasting, which she used in her former life as a morning show weather anchor and documentarian. She continues to use her degree not only as an author, but in her sensational platform educating others on cryptids, fae and lore. When she isn’t making TikToks. she’s writing fantasy very, very quickly.

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