Celebrate all that fathers do: building, fixing, cooking, cleaning, laughing, crying, hugging, playing and more! John Coy and Wing Young Huie—the author and photographer behind Their Great Gift—reunite for a new book that shows a wide range of fathers and children, particularly highlighting families of color and lower-income families, who often aren't depicted in children's books. This beautiful book is a perfect Father's Day gift!


John Coy is the author of the picture books Strong to the Hoop, Around the World, Hoop Genius, Game Changer, and Their Great Gift. He lives in Minneapolis and visits schools nationally and internationally.

Wing Young Huie photographs the dizzying socioeconomic and cultural realities of American society, much of it centred on the urban cores of his home state of Minnesota. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Probably the most realistic, truthful, honest, fantastic collection of dad photos I’ve ever seen produced for kids

A Fuse #8 Production

Overall, readers will find Dads to be a unique visual representation of fathers, families, and love with room for many families to find a piece of themselves within the diverse photographs.


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