Two-Headed Chicken: Beak to the Future

Illustrator: Tom Angleberger

Binding: Hardcover

Imprint: Walker Books US

Book 2 of Two-Headed Chicken Series

Age 8+

Comic Strip Fiction / Graphic Novels

The two-headed chicken is back, with twice the adventure, twice the jokes, and a lot more heads (wait, did they just accidentally turn into a double-headed space snake?). Having lost the Astrocap™ somewhere in the multiverse, our intrepid hero dons the Timecap™ to scour the timestream, which looks a lot like broccoli, in search of it. But danger and drama await with every time-hopping POOZB! of the Timecap™, including hungry dinosaurs, fierce werewolves, poet Emily Dickinson, a fish with a mustache who wants to talk about feelings, and even the return of the chicken’s archenemy, Kernel Antlers, the shape-shifting moose! With lively art and quirky nods to history and literature, readers will be swept along for oodles of zany escapades—and brought into the book itself through games, puzzles, drawing activities, and even as a vital character. Tom Angleberger’s absurdist humor shines on every page of this nonstop ride.


Tom Angleberger is the author and illustrator of many children’s books, including the Origami Yoda series, which has sold millions of copies worldwide. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Cece Bell.


Among the infinite universes of the multiverse, anything is possible…even time travel. . . . The various antics and shenanigans are funny and well served by the dynamic art. Interactive pages create an extra level of engagement. . . Amusing.

Kirkus Reviews

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