A little witch with a penchant for bright colors and bows has a surprising big-city shopping adventure in the first book of an illustrated series filled with offbeat charm.

Crimson Twill is a little witch, but you might not know it. She lives in the country and loves polka dots and puppies instead of pointy shoes and black dresses. She even wears a big bow on her hat—which is crimson, just like her name. Tonight, for the very first time, Crimson is riding on her mother’s broom all the way to New Wart City to go shopping at Broomingdale’s! The huge department store has everything a witch could itch for. For Crimson, each floor (hats! cats! brooms!) is a new adventure. But is Broomingdale’s ready for a witch as unique as Crimson? A rich and playful new world comes to life in the first book of this charming series.


Kallie George is the author of several picture books for young children, including The Doll Hospital, illustrated by Sara Gillingham, and Secrets I Know, illustrated by Paola Zakimi. She is also the author of the Heartwood Hotel chapter book series, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin, among many other books for children. Kallie George lives with her family in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Birgitta Sif is the author-illustrator of the picture books Oliver and Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance. She is also the illustrator of Snowboy and the Last Tree Standing by Hiawyn Oram, The Tall Man and the Small Mouse by Mara Bergman, and Hugo by Atinuke. Originally from Iceland, Birgitta Sif lives with her family in Sweden.


The narration’s great humor throughout—featuring puns and wordplay—doesn’t undermine the earnest, wholesome sincerity of Crimson as she navigates the world on her own bighearted terms. . . .. A bewitching series opener.

Kirkus Reviews

This sweet and charming book is full of fun, witchy details, like frog-eye pie and “Vera Fang” fashions, as well as whimsical illustrations. George uses humor and clever puns to interweave the themes of friendship and finding a place to fit in.


Giggling instead of cackling, skipping instead of slinking, and sporting a black hat with a big crimson bow, young Crimson Twill is portrayed as hardly witch-“typical.”. . . George’s chapter book series starter revels in lighthearted witchy whimsy while underlining themes of being true to oneself.

Publishers Weekly


Cybils Award, Easy Readers and Early Chapter Books
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