A sequel to The Maypop Kidnapping, a novel critics called "a delightful cozy mystery" (Kirkus) and a "funny and engaging debut" (SLJ). The Quinnie Boyd books find the perfect balance of mystery, warmth, and oddball humour.

Two suspicious writers from New York City arrive in Quinnie Boyd’s Maine town of Maiden Rock. They claim to be the confidants of a vampire count, sharing his stories with the world. But after some local animals meet untimely ends, Quinnie wonders if the authors are vampires themselves.
Quinnie’s investigation reveals that the writers aren’t supernatural creatures, but they are hiding out from a pair of bank robbers—after stealing the robbers’ idea for a heist and using it in one of their books. When Quinnie learns that the robbers are in town too, she takes steps to save Maiden Rock’s new residents (even enlisting the nuns for help).


An unusual approach to vampires with shudders tempered by plenty of humor. Readers will happily welcome back Quinnie and the Maiden Rockers.

Kirkus Reviews

Surrisi concocts a juicy small-town mystery out of tantalizing incidents and clues, red herrings, wild imaginings . . . and plot twists . . . . A comfy romp.


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