Primary Fiction Classroom Ideas

Arnie Avery

Arnie-Avery-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.265625Mb)

Bad Grammar Classroom Ideas

Bad-Grammar.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.384765625Mb)


Get a Grip, Cooper Jones

Dragon Dawn

Dragon-Dawn-Teachers-Notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 90Kb)


Dragonkeeper 2: Garden of the Purple Dragon

Dragonkeeper 3: Dragon Moon

Dragon-Moon-TN.pdf (Adobe PDF - 108Kb)

Duck for a Day

Definitely No Ducks Classroom Ideas

Definitely-No-Ducks.pdf (Adobe PDF - 860Kb)

The Flying Emu classroom ideas


Hopscotch: Medusa Stone

Hopscotch-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.2294921875Mb)

Hopscotch: Golden Scarab

Jaguar Warrior

Jaguar-Warrior-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.7607421875Mb)

Judy Moody classroom ideas

Judy-Moody-Series-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.015625Mb)

Lightning Strikes: Big Dig

Big-Dig-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 636Kb)

Lightning Strikes: Camp Croc

An Interview with Trudie Trewin

Trudie-Trewin-interview.pdf (Adobe PDF - 146Kb)

Lightning Strikes: Dead Certain

Dead-Certain-short-notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 764Kb)

Lightning Strikes: Disaster Chef Classroom Ideas

Disaster-Chef.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.0302734375Mb)

Lightning Strikes: Dog Sqaud

Dog-Squad-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 608Kb)

Lightning Strikes: I Dare You

I-Dare-You-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 472Kb)

Lightning Strikes: Spaced Out

Spaced-Out-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 819Kb)

Lightning Strikes: Sucked Out

Sucked-Out-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 169Kb)

For more Lightning Strikes classroom ideas, please visit www.lightningstrikes.com.au

Maddy West and the Tongue Taker Classroom Ideas

Maddy-West-Tongue-Taker.pdf (Adobe PDF - 624Kb)

Maxx Rumble Cricket Classroom Ideas

Maxx-Rumble-Cricket-Teachers-Notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 3.08984375Mb)

Maxx Rumble FootyClassroom Ideas

Maxx-Rumble-Footy-Teachers-Notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 3.369140625Mb)

Miracle on Separation Street

Neville No-Phone

Neville-No-Phone-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.037109375Mb)


Northwood-teachers-notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.421875Mb)

Other Brother

Other-Brother.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.5751953125Mb)

Interview with Simon French, author of Other Brother

Simon-French-interview.pdf (Adobe PDF - 219Kb)

On Orchard Road

On-Orchard-RD.pdf (Adobe PDF - 114Kb)

Polar Boy classroom ideas

Polar-Boy-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 355Kb)

Ramose: Sting of the Scorpion

Ramoses-Teachers-Notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 79Kb)

Samurai Kids Book 1: White Crane classroom ideas

Sting classroom ideas

Sting-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.947265625Mb)

Takeshita Demons Series Classroom Ideas

Takeshita-Demons-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 2.470703125Mb)

The Tale of Despereaux Classroom Ideas

Tale-of-Despereaux-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.6923828125Mb)

Toby Alone

Toby-Alone-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 614Kb)

Timmy Failure Classroom Ideas

Timmy-Failure.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1006Kb)

Timmy Failure Activity Kit

Timmy-Failure-Activity-Kit.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.37890625Mb)

Toby and the Secrets of the Tree

The Truth About Verity Sparks Classroom Ideas

Verity Sparks: Lost and Found Classroom Ideas

Tussock classroom Ideas

Tussock-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 146Kb)

Unicorn Riders classroom Ideas

Unicorn-Riders-Teachers-Notes.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.7802734375Mb)

Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot

Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat

Violet-Mackerel-3-Classroom-resources.pdf (Adobe PDF - 14.927734375Mb)

The Visconti House

Visconti-House-Classroom-Ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.5791015625Mb)

Walker Stories: Mr Tripp Smells a Rat

Walker Stories: Lollylegs

Lollylegs-classroom-ideas.pdf (Adobe PDF - 128Kb)

Walker Stories: The Lost Treasure


Wings.pdf (Adobe PDF - 153Kb)

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