Walker Books to launch ‘Walker Wednesday’

In 2021, Walker Books Australia will again run Walker Wednesday, a continued initiative to strengthen their commitment to Australian publishing, Walker Books Australia is looking for new, diverse voices to create stories kids and teens will love.

Walker Wednesday is an annual event, where the editorial team and other passionate staff members will review unpublished manuscripts for all ages (picture books, junior fiction, middle grade fiction and YA) from new and established writers.

The Walker Books team is committed to celebrating the voices of everyday Australians from diverse backgrounds and adding new stories to their list of high quality, award-winning children’s books.

“We are a company of big readers and are particularly keen to discover more about unsung Australians whose stories are woven into the fabric of our rich history or contemporary stories that make sense of the present and bring it to life. And is why we’re super excited at the thought of receiving manuscripts from the treasure-trove of talented creators everywhere. Their voices need to be heard to inform, inspire and delight,” says Walker Books Australia Publisher Linsay Knight.

2021 Walker Wednesday date:
Wednesday 16th June

All submissions for Walker Wednesday will be accepted from 9am till midnight AEST on the submission date only.

For more information on how to submit, and for submissions themselves, head here.

Walker Wednesday FAQ

Is it only open to Australian authors?
Walker Wednesday is open to Australian and New Zealand citizens and residents only, for projects in English.

Do I need to have an agent?
Nope! Walker Wednesday is open to all Australian and New Zealand authors, regardless of whether or not you have an agent or have been published before.

How do I submit?
You submit through the online portal here. There is no email address for submissions, submissions will only be accepted through the process at the website above. You will not receive an email reply, seeing the final confirmation screen means we've got it.

What do I need to have ready for my submission?
A synopsis, a first chapter, and some information about yourself and your work. We want to know your details including a short bio and your publishing history if applicable; the title, age range and type of book your project is; a one sentence summary and some titles you think compare to yours that are already in the market.

What do I submit for a picture book specifically? Do I need to have illustrations?
Write your synopsis when prompted, and as much as you have when asked for the first chapter. It does not need to be illustrated, but you can submit with illustrations if you have them. Please note there is a file limit of 10mb.

Will I get a reply when I submit?
Unfortunately due to the number of submissions we will only be contacting those projects we'd like more information on. If you see a confirmation screen after submitting, that means we’ve got it. We're unable to comment on the progress of individual submissions.

How many times can I submit each Walker Wednesday?
As many times as you’d like, but each project requires a separate Walker Wednesday submission.

If I haven't heard back from my 2020 submission, does that mean it wasn't unsuccessful?
It doesn't! We’re a small team, and were happily completely snowed under by submissions from last year – so we’re still going through our comprehensive reading process for everything from the July and November dates.

What if I want to send my 2020 WW manuscript submission elsewhere, or if another publisher is interested?
We know it’s a slow process, and so do understand if you need to retract your Walker Wednesday submission. You don’t need to let us know, unless you’re contacted as someone we’d like to hear more from, in which case please do then update us on the status of your submission elsewhere.

Can I submit the same project to multiple Walker Wednesdays?
No, unless you’ve dramatically changed or restructured your project, please do not resubmit.

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