Storytime, Reading and Virtual Book Promotion Guidelines

Walker Books Australia’s top tips!

I’m an author/illustrator, what can I do?

Read your books/extracts of your book to camera and share these on social channels - as a publisher we encourage authors to do this if they’re comfortable, and will happily signal boost these and share them on the Walker channels as we can too, if you tag us or message us to let us know they’re available. Please do make sure these are shared on social media for a limited period only rather than sharing permanently.

Options for sharing these include:
Instagram Live – Instructions on how to use Instagram Live videos are here. We suggest that you promote your planned time to do a reading on Instagram live across your channels in advance, and then ensure the video is available to view after the live moment too, to encourage as many viewers have access as possible, as long as the video is only available for a limited time. It would be worth considering changing your link in your Instagram bio to direct those on your page to buy links for the book you’re reading from. We’d encourage using a selection of retailers – see more below on supporting bookshops!

Facebook Live – More info on Facebook live here – similarly do promote this in advance and include buy links on your page. Do make sure if you’re planning on running a Facebook Live that you set up a public page as an author rather than attempting to broadcast from a personal page!

Team up with your local bookshop to offer signed copies – if your local bookshop is able to deliver, consider asking them if they want you to sign copies – if there’s a safe way to do this with minimal contact – and take orders and then you can promote this to your followers. If you’re not able to offer signed copies then link to your local bookshop as much as possible and check out what they might be doing to get book orders out in this unusual time. The Australian Booksellers Association has a great database if you don’t have the details of your local bookshop here.

Virtual Guest Bookselling – why not contact your local bookshop to take over their social media for a period of time and offer your recommendations to their customers?

I’m a teacher/librarian/educator, what can I do?

Walker Books Australia wants to encourage reading and classroom read-aloud experiences, and to support schools and public libraries who may be forced to close by the escalating COVID-19 outbreak, and are permitting teachers, librarians and booksellers to create and share story time and read-aloud videos, in accordance with the following guidelines:

For Teachers and other educators providing distance learning to students in a virtual classroom setting:

Story time or classroom read-aloud videos may be created and posted to closed educational platforms in order to replicate the read-aloud book experience including illustration display (for picture books) that would otherwise be available in the classroom.

Sharing: If a teacher or educator plans to share a story time video on a closed educational platform or YouTube please note the timing requirement and that if uploading a video to a YouTube channel and posting a link to that video inside a closed educational platform, the video must be designated as “Unlisted” (not “Public”) when uploading.

Timing: story time and classroom read-aloud videos may be hosted on the educational platform and/or YouTube (as an “Unlisted” file) until the end of the current school year, after which they should be removed from the educational platform and/or from YouTube, unless this permission is extended for the next school term.

For Booksellers and Librarians who wish to provide a story time reading or other read-aloud experience to those who would otherwise visit the library or book shop in person:

Story time or read-aloud live events in which a Walker title is read out loud and the book is displayed (for picture books) may be streamed live, in real time, on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, and Instagram.

• All libraries may deliver their story time or read-aloud live events online, through a digital platform, such as Facebook Video, Youtube, Instagram, etc. They may either be live streamed or recordings may be made available online, provided they are non-downloadable to the public. If practicable, the live steam or recordings should be made available only to library patrons who have signed in to access their library’s website.

• This policy is temporary and will remain in force whilst COVID-19 remains as a WHO-declared pandemic only, following which, libraries agree to destroy all recordings, and take down any online recordings, including locating and deleting the recorded live video in your account (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as these platforms automatically archive live events by default.

• All libraries agree to provide bibliographic details of the featured book with any published recording of a story time or read-aloud live event, including the title, author, illustrator and publisher.

Reporting requirements – We request that all teachers/educators, librarians and booksellers notify us via email to: when you post or stream a story time or read-aloud video or live event, providing the following information and heading your email Storytime Reading Temporary Licence:
• name and address of the school, library or book shop
• title, author and ISBN of the book that is read
• contact information for the individual responsible for the reading
• the educational or social media platform on which the video or live event is posted or held and a link to that video or live event

I’m a parent, what can I do?

We would encourage you to take a look at the multitude of existing resources available – while we understand the desire to support home learning, and entertain those who are at home self-isolating, we cannot grant permissions for every individual to share readings of entire stories for free on their personal channels. There are many existing videos and resources available to you, for free, and as you’ll see, we are also encouraging authors to share their own stories online and for book shops to replicate live events for members of the public to engage with so we would direct you towards one of those options.

It goes without saying that we encourage you, if you are able, to the support of book retailers across the country by ordering authors’ books if you’re enjoying the relevant resources.

Suggested resources:
Walker Teacher’s Notes and activity sheets – we have many resources available tying in to our books so take a look at the full list. You can also search by title.
Walker Books Australia’s YouTube channel – We have an array of authors interviews, readings and book trailers available to watch.

• Follow authors and publishers on social media – as we encourage authors to share readings and interviews on their channels, it’s never been a better time to follow as many of them as possible! Keep an eye on our channels as well as we’ll be promoting an array of virtual events, resources and discussions in the near future.

• Audio books – Many Walker titles are available as audio books, with professional actors or the authors themselves reading books for the whole family to enjoy.

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