Two Walker Books Australia titles on the Readings Children's Book Prize 2020 shortlist

Pie in The Sky by Remy Lai and The Secrets of Magnolia Moon, by Edwina Wyatt and Katherine Quinn, are two of six books shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize – which celebrates exciting new voices in Australian children’s literature for readers aged 5 to 12.

What the judges said about Pie in the Sky:

Pie in the Sky is a fresh, clever and moving story with moments of real heartbreak and humour. The characters are relatable, the family relationships are genuine, and Remy Lai’s depiction of grief is honest and accessible. Her use of an ‘alien language’ to convey how deeply foreign a new language can feel is startlingly effective, and a terrific representation of the difficulties of learning a new language. The innovative inclusion of cartoons enhances the charming narrative, making it a perfect choice for fans of graphic novels looking to branch out.

What the judges said about The Secrets of Magnolia Moon:

The Secrets of Magnolia Moon is for the whimsical child in your life. A curious and irrepressible nine-year-old, Magnolia is fascinated by mythology and approaches the world with a sense of wonder that’s infectious. The challenges she encounters throughout a single year will be deeply relatable to children, and Edwina Wyatt’s serious and generous depiction of them will be appreciated. Rich storytelling and lovely illustrations from New Zealand-based illustrator Katherine Quinn make this a sweet and charming read-aloud to share together.

The winner will be announced in late April. The prize is awarded to the book which Readings believe children will love best, and in 2020 the winner will receive $3,000 in prize money.

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