Walker Books set to shake up the middle-grade market with 2018’s new heroine, Elizabella!

Meet Elizabella. She’s nine and one quarter, sassy, strong and sometimes a little bit cheeky. In a deal with Walker Books, TV presenter, writer and comedian Zoe Norton Lodge (of ABC TV’s The Checkout) along with her sister, graphic designer and illustrator Georgia Norton Lodge, will be bringing Elizabella Meets Her Match to primary school-aged girls in October this year.

Elizabella is in Year Three at Bilby Creek Primary School. She lives with her dad and big brother Toddberry, their pet frill neck lizard Larry and ten thousand worms. The worms live in Squiggly Manor (“the worm farm”, to the uninformed).

Elizabella means well, really she does, but it’s not easy when being naughty is just so much more fun than being good. She’s always up to something, like replacing the cheese sandwich in her brother’s lunch box with a picture of cheese.

She doesn’t mean to hurt anybody, not really, which is why Elizabella always writes a Sorry Poem when she needs to apologise. And she has plenty of time to let her creative juices flow in the Think About What You’ve Done Corner of the classroom.

But what happens when an even naughtier girl comes to the school? Don’t be fooled by Minnie’s name, she’s so tall she has to get her school clothes specially altered at the uniform shop. And Minnie is as tall as she is naughty. Can these two girls learn to live in peaceful naughty coexistence, or will they be sworn enemies?

Walker Books Australia Publisher Linsay Knight says, “Elizabella is the girl I always wanted to be, always needed to be, but never was. That’s why I’m delighted that thanks to Zoe, there’s a new female character on the block; one who’s prepared to follow her heart wherever it might lead. A girl who stands tall amongst a jumble of male protagonists and clamours to be heard.”

Zoe Norton Lodge says she is excited to unleash Elizabella into the world. “Elizabella is smart and ambitious, brave and cheeky and a pretty fabulous writer. Basically she’s everything I wanted to be when I was nine,” she says. “But sometimes Elizabella experiences self-doubt and jealousy, and she certainly doesn’t always make the right choices. With a giant, deliberate knot in her hair, an impressive knack for scheming and questionable food preparation skills, in Elizabella I wanted to create an amazing person who just is who she is. I am so excited to team up with the amazing team at Walker Books and my sister Georgia to bring my heroine to life.”

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