New Alex Rider from Anthony Horowitz in 2017

Anthony Horowitz returns to the smash hit teen spy series with a new title continuing the story from Scorpia Rising.

Walker Books have signed a new Alex Rider novel from Anthony Horowitz, for publication in June 2017. The new novel, Never Say Die, promises to be the most action packed and thrilling instalment of the series so far, with sequences set in Egypt, London and Europe. Never Say Die comes three years after the release of the last book in the series, Russian Roulette, which told the story of Alex’s nemesis, the assassin Yassen Gregorovich. The storyline follows on directly from Alex’s final adventure in Scorpia Rising.

Horowitz had previously announced that the series was finished, but was inspired to continue his hero’s story while preparing a collection of Alex Rider short stories, to be published in 2018. Jane Winterbotham negotiated the deal with Jonathan Lloyd of Curtis Brown, for UK, Commonwealth and English language export rights.

Horowitz says: ‘For the first time in over three years, and contrary to my expectations, I found myself revisiting my character, Alex Rider. And I realised how much I had missed him.'

'The ideas came thick and fast. In fact, the new book has more action sequences – and more spectacular action – than anything I’ve written so far. I have loved writing it and I am certain it will appeal not just for new readers but to young people in their teens and twenties who grew up with Alex.’

Winterbotham says: ‘Anthony is one of the great writers for children, and I’m delighted that he has come back to Alex Rider. The story begins with Alex in San Francisco, slowly recovering from the traumatic death of his closest friend, Jack Starbright. He feels lost and alone. But then he receives an email. It contains just three words but it leads Alex to believe that Jack may be alive after all… It’s a brilliant story, full of surprises, and a thrilling return to the series. It will be an exciting summer!’

Anthony is one of the UK’s best loved authors - the Alex Rider books have sold over 16 million copies in English language editions alone. Never Say Die will be an attractive paperback package retailing at $16.99 and will publish on 1st June 2017.

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