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Maisy is everyone's favourite mouse and now you can go behind the scenes with her creator Lucy Cousins in this brilliant video from the UK


Lucy Cousins now has more than 21 million books in print, including picture books, sticker books, cloth books, colouring books, board books, pull-the-tab and lift-the-flap books, three-dimensional play sets, a clock book… Where does the prolific Lucy – a mother of four children – find the energy? “I’m quite disciplined,” she says of her productivity. “If I’m having an ‘ideas’ day, I just sit at my desk and draw and write until I feel something is happening – though I admit that this is usually helped by a cup of tea, some lively music, and an abundance of sunshine.” As for outside inspiration, she says she’s sometimes influenced by the work of other artists, as long as those artists are children. Says the author-illustrator, “I get more pleasure and inspiration from walking around a primary school than from any art gallery.”

Download a Maisy activity pack or visit Maisy's new online home at for fun, games and much more.

Maisy Activity Pack

Maisy_Party_Kit.pdf (Adobe PDF - 3.509765625Mb)

Maisy Colouring Sheets

Maisy_Colouring_Farming.pdf (Adobe PDF - 184Kb)
Maisy_Colouring_Gardening.pdf (Adobe PDF - 190Kb)
Maisy_Colouring_Magician.pdf (Adobe PDF - 181Kb)
Maisy_Colouring_Swimming.pdf (Adobe PDF - 172Kb)

Maisy Valentines Cards

Maisy_valentines_cards.pdf (Adobe PDF - 272Kb)

Maisy Easter Cups

Maisy_East_Egg_holder.pdf (Adobe PDF - 174Kb)
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