Zip It!

By Jane Lindaman
Illustrated by Nancy Carlson

This is a clever, zany energetic picturebook full of wordplay and great kid perspective. Should be a great success with boys.

Parents are too busy. They're wrapped up in their own dramas, and they don't listen when their kids have important things to tell them. Zip It! is one such cautionary tale. Joe's father won't listen to Joe tell him about a minor trouser oversight. The results are embarrassing. And hilarious.

  • A funny, clever picture book with strong appeal for boys.
  • Lots of word play. Great riffs on the always appealing theme of adults who don't quite listen to kids.
  • Positive father-son story.

About the author

Nancy Carlson is the author and illustrator of over 60 picture books including bestseller I Like Me! Nancy graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. When Nancy is not drawing pictures and writing stories you can find her hiking, biking, or playing golf!

About the illustrator

Nancy Carlson has been an author and illustrator of award-winning picture books for 30 years. She has written and illustrated numerous children's books, bringing her lovable characters to life with comical moral lessons. Some of her most popular titles include It's Not My Fault!, Smile A Lot!, I Like Me!, and Harriet and George's Christmas Treat. Beyond her writing and illustrating, she speaks in schools all over the country and also teaches a college class. Carlson has three children, and when she is not writing or drawing she's outside getting exercise or eating candy!

ISBN: 9780761355922
Imprint: Carolrhoda Books – Lerner Publishing Group
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: March 1, 2012
Dimensions: 235 x 279mm, 32pp
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New Zealand RRP: $27.99
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