Up In Heaven

By Emma Chichester Clark

A new tale from this popular picture book creator, treating the topic of death with characteristic gentleness, now available in paperback for the first time.

Elderly Daisy can't keep up with Arthur any more, and then one day she wakes up to find herself in heaven! How marvellous - now she no longer feels tired or ill, and she can run as fast as she used to! But she worries about Arthur because he is so miserable, and so she sends him dreams to show him where she is, and how happy she is now. One of the questions children regularly ask is: 'Do dogs go to heaven?' This unusual book provides the dog's answer, with the sure lightness of touch and deft storytelling that we have come to expect from this author: it may well move you to tears.

  • Emma Chichester Clark's life sales for Andersen Press alone exceed 45,000 copies.
  • Major advertising campaign, including the Bookseller Buyer's Guide front cover.
  • Praise for Up In Heaven in hardcover: 'The ideal book to soothe emotions.' Independent 'Both reassuring and refreshingly unsentimental.' Guardian 'A sad, funny, comforting book . . . charming.' Observer

About the author

Emma Chichester Clark is one of Britain’s best loved children’s Author Biographys and Illustrator Biographys. She is the Author Biography of the immensely popular Blue Kangaroo series and many other books, and has illustrated books by Roald Dahl, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Peter Dickinson, Michael Morpurgo and, most recently, Quentin Blake.

ISBN: 9781842703335
Imprint: Andersen Press
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: April 1, 2004
Dimensions: 220 x 287mm, 32pp
Stock Status: Out of Print
Australian RRP: $16.99
New Zealand RRP: $18.99
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