Tyna of the Lake

By Alexander Utkin
Illustrated by Alexander Utkin

Greetings, best beloved, my name is Gamayun. I am a magical human-faced bird from Slavic mythology. Today I will tell you an amazing tale: Tyna of the Lake.

The widely acclaimed Gamayun Tales returns with this exciting third instalment. Soon after their arrival in the underwater kingdom, Tyna and the boy decide that their true home is with humans on the shore. Armed with courage and water magic, the two make their escape -- but when Vodyanoy catches them, the boy must race against time to rescue Tyna from the clutches of her father....who may not be her father after all! Beautiful narration in a lyrical, folktale style.

  • From a new voice in the graphic novel world, this series has made a name for the author and illustrator.
  • Beautiful narration in a lyrical, folktale style.
  • The third book of this incredibly well-received series.

About the author

Alexander Utkin is an illustrator, comic artist, designer and musician from Russia. He studied at Moscow State University of Printing Arts, graduating in 2006 with a Master of Arts. Clients include Samsung, Universal Music and WWF, among many others.

ISBN: 9781910620519
Imprint: Nobrow
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: July 1, 2019
Dimensions: 168 x 259mm, 72pp
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