The Story of Silk

By Richard Sobol
Illustrated by Richard Sobol

What does worm spit have to do with the world’s most luxurious fabric? Travel to Thailand for a close-up look at wrigglers, weavers, and wearers of silk.

Join author and photographer Richard Sobol as he picks up his camera once more and travels to a small village in Thailand for an in-depth exploration of the story of silk and the labor-intensive process of making it. From nurturing the silkworms to weaving the fabric and photographing the children as they proudly model the finished product, this first-person narrative, illustrated with richly detailed photographs, chronicles the amazing process of creating one of history’s most desired textiles. Back matter includes a glossary and further information.

  • Fascinating history and process behind one of the world's most coveted textiles
  • The fourth offering in the well-reviewed Traveling Photographer series
  • Features wonderfully detailed photographs and a first-person narrative to draw readers in

About the author

Richard Sobol, an author and award-winning photographer, is the creator of the Traveling Photographer series of children's books. When not traveling, he is home in Massachusetts with his family.

ISBN: 9780763641658
Imprint: Candlewick
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: September 1, 2012
Dimensions: 250 x 230mm, 40pp
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