The Pony Question

By Jackie Merchant

**eBook Edition**

Facts and Magic, that’s how Essie thinks of the differences between she and her Mum, and yet they rub along happily together, living in their short country village street and spending their weekends travelling across the country side to clearing sales and second hand shops looking for furniture for her mum to restore in her own flamboyant Francesca Furniture style. Life has a gentle ebb and flow. But Essie has no way of knowing that everything is about to change on the morning she and Francesca drive into the big rural property and tromp through the dew and accidentally buy, with the fall of the Auctioneers hammer, not the lounge they were after, but a pony. And not just any pony, but possibly the saddest, skinniest pony ever seen, and one that is hiding a couple of secrets, one in particular that some bad people are very determined to keep quiet. Essie discovers that something she never even dreamed of, because it seemed so impossible, a pony of her own, is suddenly within her grasp and standing in her car port. But there is a long road ahead, the pony is weak and has determined enemies whose fates are tied up with hers, so they will not only have to nurse her back to health, but also keep her out of the hands of those so desperate to get her. As the pony’s secrets come to light and her tale unfolds, it will take facts and magic, as well as the ingenuity of the people of the little street, a whole lot of growing up for Essie, and the realisation that love doesn’t mean ownership, to keep the pony safe and bring her home.

  • Exciting novel by Jackie Merchant author of The Promise Horse
  • Jackie is an experienced rider and has owned horses since she was ten

About the author

Jackie Merchant has worked as a designer, art director and copy writer. She spent the majority of her childhood on the outskirts of Sydney, where, when she was 10, her parents bought an old run down riding school. Even with no ponies at the time it was a dream come true for a pony-mad girl with an imagination fuelled by ponies and horses. As an adult Jackie is lucky enough to share her life with 3 beautiful horses (Moxie, Percy and young Douglas) and one small disagreeable pony (named Mrs Wilkinson) and several other animals. She currently lives in Tasmania. The Promise Horse is her debut novel.

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Release Date: July 1, 2020
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