The Other Way Around

By Sashi Kaufman

A story of a teenager "lighting out for the territory" in hopes of finding the path of least resistance-or at least a way to avoid the burden of ever having to live up to his potential.

Andrew West didn't intend to run away. He just wanted to escape Thanksgiving with his mother, headmistress of the all-girls school he's forced to attend, his bed-wetting cousin Barry, and his delusional uncle. But his escape plan to Grandma's house is thwarted when his mother admits she neglected to tell him his grandmother had died earlier in the week. Furious with his mother, and out of other options, Andrew accepts a ride from a group of teenage street performers he meets in the bus station - a moment of spontaneous rebellion which turns into a cross-country road trip. The teens are Freegans and their lifestyle takes a little getting used to, but dumpster diving for food and clothing fits Andrew's limited budget. The chance to spend more time getting to know Emily-the dreadlocked street performer who can do tricks with a hula hoop that make any hot-blooded male stare-certainly sweetens the deal. As Andrew gets to know Emily, Jesse, and the rest of the Freegans, he learns that not everyone is on the road just for the lifestyle, and that not everything in the past can be outrun.

  • A strong character on an interesting journey.
  • Helps us maintain our commitment to new talent.
  • Author is a teacher with a good instinct for social promotion.

About the author

Sashi Kaufman is a middle-school science and English teacher, who lives in Portland, Maine, with her husband and daughter. She is also an amateur trash picker.

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