The Little Prince 15: The Planet of the Gargand

By Vincent Costi
Illustrated by Élyum Studio

The new adventures based on the masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

On Khagle's planet, every 122 days, Khagle (vaguely similar to Santa Claus) hands wishaplants' seeds out to children and inhabitants. The wishaplants grow into trees which give presents to children. But they also ensure the village's survival (because the plants roots' secure the houses to the ground, which without them, would fly off). The problem is that Lyf the alchemist, who grows the seeds into wishaplants according to the children wishes, disappeared 48 hours before the Khagle's distribution.

  • Beloved author, name recognition.
  • Created with respect for the original.
  • Appealing reimagining of the character in a popular contemporary style with crossover appeal to young manga readers (cf. Avatar: The Last Airbender).

About the author

Vincent Costi is an author, composer, scriptwriter, writing director and developer of French animation series born on December 4 , 1965

About the illustrator

Didier Poli, artistic director, was born in Lyon in 1971. After graduate studies in applied arts, he worked for various animation studios including Disney. He was working as artistic director for the video game company Kalista Entertainment when he met Manuel Bichebois in 2001 and began drawing Bichebois's graphic novel series L'Enfant de l'orage. At the 2004 Nimes Festival, Didier Poli received the Bronze Boar prize for young talent. He continues to work regularly in cartoons and video games as a designer and storyboard artist. In June 2010, he founded Elyum Studio with Guillaume Dorison, Jean-Baptiste Hostache, and Xavier Dorison.

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Release Date: January 1, 2014
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