The Knife and the Butterfly

By Ashley Hope Perez

After a marijuana-addled brawl with a rival gang, 16-year-old Azael wakes up to find himself surrounded by a familiar set of concrete walls and a locked door. Juvie again, he thinks. But he can't really remember what happened or how he got picked up.

Azael knows prison, and something isn't right about this lockup. No phone call. No lawyer. No news about his brother or his homies. The only thing they make him do is watch some white girl in some cell. Watch her and try to remember., Lexi Allen would love to forget the brawl, would love for it to disappear back into the Xanax fog it came from. And her mother and her lawyer hope she chooses not to remember too much about the brawl — at least when it's time to testify. Lexi knows there's more at stake in her trial than her life alone, though. She's connected to him, and he needs the truth. The knife cut, but somehow it also connected.

  • Praise for What Can’t Wait: “Pérez’s debut is a realistic portrayal of challenges faced by immigrant families and conflicting cultural norms... Strong-willed but emotionally vulnerable.” — Publishers Weekly
  • Ashley Hope Pérez' latest novel Out of Darkness was recently named a 2016 Michael L. Printz Honor Book.

About the author

Ashley Hope Pérez grew up in Texas and served in the Teach for America Corps in Houston. She has worked as a translator and is completing a PhD in comparative literature. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and teaching college classes on vampire literature and Latin-American women writers. Ashley lives in Indiana with her husband, Arnulfo, and their son, Liam Miguel. Visit her online at

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