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The Frog Who Lost His Underpants

By Juliette MacIver
Illustrated by Cat Chapman

Every frog is worthwhile, and it is a lucky Froggy who has Ted to tell him so.

Hopping through the jungle, this way, that way. Frog is in a frenzy, scattering the ants. Teddy’s looking too now, this place, that place. Will they ever find those jolly underpants?

  • Brilliant rhythmic text from the mind of one of New Zealand's finest authors
  • Watercolour, pen and ink illustrations add to the vibrant and quirky tale
  • “This is a new favourite in our house … This is a real adventure, with very cute illustrations and great rhymes to build the anticipation.” Otago Daily News

About the author

Juliette MacIver lives north of Wellington City with her husband and four children. She majored in linguistics at university, took a detour and became a bicycle courier for a year, then went back to university to complete a diploma in teaching English. She taught for five years before quitting and starting a government job, which she left once her first child was born. Juliette has always written little pieces, frequently in rhyme, and has had “write a children’s story” on her List Of Things I Want To Do In My Life for a very long time. This is her first picture book with Walker Books.

About the illustrator

Cat Chapman grew up in rural Waikato and moved to Auckland as a teenager. She gained a Bachelor of Design majoring in Photography and after a brief stint as a wedding photographer and an English teacher in Japan, she worked for a number of years at a design company. In 2010 she attended a night course in children's illustration which was shortly followed by a contract for her first book from Walker Books Australia. She currently works full-time chasing after her young son and illustrating books. Cat enjoys working quickly with ink, pen and water colour, and enjoys creating characters that are full of movement, humour and personality. She is often caught with a strangely contorted face as she unwittingly mimics the characters expression she is drawing. Cat and her family currently live in Auckland.

ISBN: 9781921977893
Imprint: Walker Books Australia
Distributor: Walker Australia-HEDS
Binding: Hardback
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Dimensions: 215 x 280mm, 32pp
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New Zealand RRP: $27.99
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