The Cydonian Pyramid

By Pete Hautman

"Nail-biting suspense." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The much-anticipated sequel to The Obsidian Blade lets readers see the world through the eyes of Lia, the enigmatic girl who changed Tucker Feye’s life. In this second volume of the Klaatu Diskos trilogy, Tucker and Lia hurtle through time, relating their stories in alternating viewpoints that converge at crucial moments. Fans of The Obsidian Blade will be intrigued by the chance to see the world through Lia’s eyes — no matter how disturbing the vision might be.

  • Now in paperback, the second book in the Klaatu Diskos series, even more thrilling than the first. The third book, The Klaatu Terminus, also publishes in 2014.
  • From National Book Award winner for Godless, Pete Hautman.
  • A fast-paced sci-fi adventure told through alternating characters, Tucker and Lahlia, that will take readers on a wild journey through time.

About the author

Pete Hautman is the author of many books for young adults and adults, including the National Book Award winner Godless and The Big Crunch, winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Award. About The Cydonian Pyramid, he says, "I could never resist a tough, spunky, conflicted heroine. Following Lahlia through the diskos was an incredible journey. She still scares me a little." Pete Hautman splits his time between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

ISBN: 9780763669331
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: July 1, 2014
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