The Corner of My Eye

By Colin Thompson
Illustrated by Colin Thompson

A book about a special relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter who tries to see life through his eyes

When you are very, very young or very, very old, you can see things out of the corner of your eye. In between, all you can see is all you can see. Unless you are very, very lucky. Then the corner of your eye stays awake forever. The story of an ageing man who has lost something. But what and where? His granddaughter, Sally, helps him find it. Subtle and touching, this is an emotional response to people trying their best to live in an imperfect world.

  • A must-have for all lovers of Colin's work, collectors of iconic picture books and gift buyers who want something special.
  • Explores what it's like to lose your confidence with the onset of Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.
  • Aimed at 5+ children, the detailed illustrations will intrigue kids of all ages. Adults also love Colin's artwork as it stimulates the intellect and dazzles the senses, which is why many people recognise and collect his work.

About the author

Colin Thompson was born in the UK and brought up in the London suburb of Ealing. Part of the sixties art scene, he knew John Lennon and the other Beatles. He came to Australia at the behest of a school full of children who saved up to bring their hero to meet them. Known for his iconic picture books, middle grade series such as THE FLOODS and THE DRAGONS, short story collections, jigsaw puzzles, needlepoint kits, Gelaskins for phones, tablets and laptops, Colin lives in Bellingen northern NSW with his wife, dogs and chickens.

ISBN: 9781925381931
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Binding: Hardback
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Dimensions: 225 x 295mm, 32pp
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