The Brain Sucker

By Glenn Wood

**eBook Edition** How would you act if part of your personality was stolen with a brain-sucking machine?

Lester Smythe has a black heart. He’s invented a dangerous brain-sucking machine that removes the goodness from its victims, and he intends to use it to rid the world of all human kindness. But Lester didn’t count on thirteen-year-old Callum McCullock and his two best friends, Sophie and Jinx. The trio vow to destroy the brain sucker. And nothing will stop them. The Brain Sucker is the debut junior fiction novel of New Zealand author Glenn Wood. This hilarious, fast-paced book follows wheelchair-bound teenager Callum and his friends as they defeat bullies and evil villains with bravery and some very cool gadgets. Read how the adventure continues in the sequel The Bully Chip! “I am sure this rollicking, hilarious romp will garner a growing army of fans … Wheelchair-bound Callum, ingenious inventor Sophie and unlucky but plucky Jinx combine to form a loyal, brave, formidable team. Boys and girls from Middle and Upper Primary Grades will thoroughly enjoy this absurd but utterly engaging, fast-paced and funny adventure. Recommended.” Magpies magazine “There’s plenty of action, amazing inventions from Sophie, a ludicrous succession of mishaps (thanks to Jinx) and the pleasing integration of a disabled character – Callum is in a wheelchair. It’s not to be taken too seriously, and is a fun read.” Reading Time magazineThe Brain Sucker is a marvellous and humorous fast-paced adventure through the warring of good and evil. Its theme has many strings that are connected to the absolute importance of kindness and goodness in humankind, and a vision of the catastrophe that exists without these emotions.” Buzz Words Books “A great read-a-loud book for primary and intermediate students … A very imaginative and well-written adventure/science fiction/fantasy novel with a great dollop of humour.” Bob’s Books NZThe Brain Sucker is one of the coolest junior fiction (middle grade) books I’ve read in ages! The idea is original, the story is action-packed, the heroes are unlike any you’ve met before and the villain is sinister. From the very first page, when the villain slinks onto the page, I knew I was going to love the story, and I greedily turned the pages wanting to know how it would end … If you’re after a fun story, full of adventure, mystery, magic, exciting gadgets, and great characters, The Brain Sucker is the book for you.” My Best Friends Are Books Blog “A great story for 8+ with firm friendships, gadgets, guns and all the action young readers love.” Kids Books NZ

About the author

Glenn Wood grew up in New Plymouth, New Zealand. After he left school he went straight into the police force. He was something of a disaster as a policeman and his less than illustrious career spawned his first two books. Glenn found he was much more suited to being an advertising copywriter and has since won numerous national and international awards for his work. He currently works as a freelance writer for many of New Zealand’s top advertising agencies.

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Release Date: January 1, 2014
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