The Agency: The Body at the Tower

By Y. S. Lee

Mary’s second adventure as an undercover agent forces her to relive some harrowing childhood experiences as she seeks the identity of a murderer.

Mary Quinn’s new assignment sends her into the building site of the clock tower for the Houses of Parliament dressed as an impoverished young boy, evoking her own childhood memories of fear, hunger, and constant want. As she insinuates herself into the confidence of several persons of interest, she encounters others in desperate situations and struggles to make a difference without exposing — or losing — her identity. Mary’s second adventure offers a fictional window into the fascinating, if grimy, underbelly of Victorian London.

  • The second book about Victorian lady-sleuth Mary Quinn - now with a bold, mystery-focused new cover.
  • Vivid, well-researched, lively, and atmospheric, with elements of historical fiction, mystery, and even romance - Mary's partner-in-exposing-crime, James Easton, returns in this second title for more intrigue and witty repartee.
  • Perfect for mystery readers of all ages, especially fans of Libba Bray's books or Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart series and graduates of Nancy Drew.

About the author

Y.S. Lee has a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and culture and says her research inspired her to write Book One of The Agency trilogy. "Women's choices were grim in those days, even for the clever," she says. "The Agency is a totally unrealistic, completely fictitious antidote to the fate that would otherwise swallow a girl like Mary Quinn." Y. S. Lee lives in Ontario, Canada.

ISBN: 9780763687502
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Binding: Paperback
Release Date: September 1, 2016
Dimensions: 139 x 209mm, 352pp
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